There’s Hope America

Richard G. Lee, Ph.D., is the founding pastor of First Redeemer Church and the president and speaker for There’s Hope America broadcasting media in metropolitan Atlanta, Georgia. A native of the city, he has served as pastor of two mega-churches in the greater Atlanta area along with being a national recognized religious broadcaster and award winning author.

There's Hope | Dr. Richard Lee


What we do

Uniting America’s Christian population across denominational and social lines to propagate the gospel of Jesus Christ and work to preserve and protect the religious, educational, economic and cultural freedoms granted by the Constitution of the United States.


Where we are going

Through radio, social media, print and local rallies to create a nationwide movement that will restore and advance the Judeo-Christian principles once accepted as “self evident truths” which undergirded America’s greatest days of freedom.


There’s Hope America was founded on February 19th 1984 in the studios of WSB in Atlanta, Georgia.  This weekly television ministry went on to become one of America’s most viewed weekly religious television programs broadcast over E- Entertainment, TBN, INSP, DayStar, LeSea, WGN, WORD and nearly 700 local outlets.

In recognition for its effectiveness, the program was awarded the “Ministry of the Year” award from the National Religious Broadcasters and several “Telly Awards” for programming and specials. Dr. Lee also received the “William Ayer Distinguished Service Award” for broadcast ministries.

As the world has changed, There’s Hope America has changed with it. Today the ministry’s largest market in broadcasting are our Stories of America’s faith over 500+ radio stations and its ever-growing outreach through the internet and social media. Each day thousands of people read our daily devotions, watch our online content, and listen to our Stories of America’s Faith podcasts and other content through FaceBook, Instagram, X, and now Tic Tok.

Having published over 22 books through major publishing houses and written opinions and editorials for newspapers, Dr. Lee’s writing has seen wide acceptance in both the Christian and secular marketplace. His “American Patriot’s Bible” reached #5 position on Amazon’s top ten listing of all books in print. No other bible has ever reached that high a position on Amazon. 


Stories of America’s Faith is an upbeat, positive and daily commentary which engages the culture with a distinctive Christian world view of current events and the Judeo-Christian values, or lack thereof, that influence and shape the events of daily life in America. It is spreading the truth in a culture whose goal is to erase the Judeo-Christian founding and history of our Nation.

Now, more than ever in the history of our nation, sharing the truth of why America was founded and what has made her great – her Christian heritage and culture – must be the absolute goal of American Christians and patriots. We firmly believe that the moment America fully, as a society, turns her back on God is the moment God takes His hand off our beloved Nation.


Funding for these programs and ministry activity comes from individual partners and Christian businesses who have a passion to lead others to faith in Jesus Christ. to help people understand God’s influence in the founding of America, and to preserve God’s hand in the future of this great Nation.

During these 40+ years of daily programming, costing millions of dollars, the ministry has never missed payment for the costs of production, staff and airtime and much more. We rely on people like you to join with us in the mission of sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ and preserving our Judeo-Christian heritage.

This serves as a living testimony of the faithfulness of God’s people and their belief in the effectiveness and calling of There’s Hope America.