The French philosopher Descartes came up with what has been widely accepted as the foundation of knowledge in modern times. It is commonly called the cogito or the “I think therefore I am” theory. In the simplest terms it means we know we are alive because we still have a working brain that is able to think.

Now Zombies wouldn’t have that ability. That should be a comfort to many of you who are into Zombies. They are the dumbest of the dumb.

In America today, even in the highest level of secular education, we now no longer value the process of rational thinking. Now what rules supreme is “what I feel to be true, must be accepted as true.”

To all of this my granddaddy would say, “What in tarnation are you thinking?” That’s it – we are not logically thinking.

Let’s take Sex for an example. What sex are you? Or perhaps I need to be a little more PC and ask, what is your gender?

I’ve never really thought much about my gender. I guess that’s because we’ve always had mirrors in our house. From the day I got my hands on Grey’s Anatomy, I knew what gender was all about. The study of Human Anatomy is a branch of Biology and it is considered a settled science.

But now there exists a weird thing about science among the Liberal/Progressives in our world today. We have been taught by educators that science is King and only the radical unlearned fundamentalists would question its validity. Evolution, global warming, the future rising of the oceans to swallow the cities, the extinction of the polar bears, etc. all true because it is “settled science.” No one in their right mind should question these things.

But then when it comes to the most obvious science of all – the human anatomy of boys and girls, men and women, science no longer matters. A person’s DNA or the number and types of chromosomes they possess are now to be ignored because of how one feels about the identity of their gender. King Science has finally fallen and King Feeling has taken his throne.

But I’m not buying it!

Dr. W.A. Criswell, the brilliant past pastor of The First Baptist Church of Dallas, Texas would often say, “All truth is narrow.” I happen to embrace that same type of thinking and through the years in this life it has served me well. I too believe that all truth is narrow and this includes my acceptance that boys are boys and girls are girls no matter how they feel.

Now I am sure that I have offended someone by speaking so openly today. I seem to do something like that almost every day. If so, perhaps you can find a safe space in the restroom of your nearest Target store.

One final thought for those who believe that they are another gender. The next time you take a shower, take a look in the mirror and the final truth of the matter will be evident. And if what you see in your mirror offends you, you might want to move to San Francisco were you will find a city full of fellow science deniers