The greatest question for the world in these times would be – “Is there one man who can save our world and how would that happen?” Well, yes, there is one man and He is the Savior of the world Jesus Christ. Let’s see a true story that helps to explain how that could happen.

Years ago, the Rockefeller Report gave an account of a West African named Acebe, who supplied from his veins the very first blood from which the vaccine for yellow fever was derived. Acebe contracted yellow fever but miraculously recovered. This made the antibodies in his blood precious to those who were seeking a cure for this deadly disease. Acebe allowed his blood to be taken for this life-giving purpose.

In 1937, the yellow fever vaccine was first manufactured from that one man’s blood. The original strain of the virus obtained from that humble man has gone through the earth – from laboratory to laboratory, from hospital to hospital – providing immunity for millions. The Rockefeller Foundation stated that through science, the blood of one man in West Africa had been made to serve the whole human race.

The untainted blood of only one man could provide the cure for an epidemic known as sin that had been attacking the human race since the time of Adam. Only one man, the precious Lamb of God, could yield the cure – not by donating some blood, but by shedding it all in His sacrificial death on the cross.

“For if the many died by the trespass of the one man (Adam), how much more did God’s grace and the gift that came by the grace of one man, Jesus Christ, overflow to the many.” Romans 5:15

Isn’t that good news? There is indeed a man who can save everyone in this world! That man is Jesus, who gave His pure and sinless blood for the sins of all. Let’s tell others about Him!

Dr. Richard Lee