Every American who is over 30 is to some degree aware of the changes that have occurred in our nation’s culture over the past several years. As they say, “Things are not what they used to be.” Unfortunately, most of the changes are not for the better, and only the Lord knows what is coming in the future.

Think with me about some of those changes.

Music has changed from smooth musical melodies about love and friendship with words that we could understand to the indistinguishable noise we have now that is hard to describe, yet still call it music.

Today more babies are being born out of wedlock than are born to wedded couples.

Men are really women, if they feel like they are, and women are really men. Forget the science of biology, it’s all about their abstract feelings.

Friends don’t talk much anymore, they just text one another.

College kids run the campuses of our major universities and learning is no longer the main purpose of attending school. Safe spaces, coloring books, sensitivity training and a plethora of other nonsense rules the day.

America’s heroes are now coming from comic books instead of history books.

Socialism and Marxism is being widely accepted by the wide-eyed pseudo intellectuals as “fair” and the “only just” form of government for our future, when thousands of Americans have shed their blood on the battlefields fighting to spare our homeland from the evils of such “Bernie Sanders” philosophies.

I could go on, but I’m sure you get my point. With that said about the present times, we must look to the future and what it may hold for our culture. And one of the ways to do that is to analyze who many of our young people are following today.

If you observe kids in the shopping malls, at music concerts and college gatherings, you will undoubtedly see on tee-shirts or placards the picture of an evil thug of the 1950’s – Che Guevara.

His photograph is now being touted as the most widely copied photo in the world. But who is the man and why is his image followed by so many?

Che Guevara was an Argentinian rebel who served as the executioner for Fidel Castro during the days following the Communist dictator’s takeover of Cuba.

Che was fascinated with killing and torturing the innocent. He is responsible for the murder of 14,000 men, women, boys and girls in Cuba. He often would personally shoot innocent peasants through the head just as he put it-to watch them die. He met his own death in Bolivia in the 1960’s.

The image of this godless thug is now celebrated on tee shirts, coffee mugs, necklaces, flags and whatever else you can image on University campuses across our nation.

Actors like Johnny Depp, singers like Justin Bieber, rappers like Jay Z and multitudes of other entertainers and personalities proudly wear his image.Either they are ignorant or they are merciless individuals who America’s youth look up to.

Time magazine named Che one of the 100 most influential people of the 20th century.

Christian beware. Pure evil is being glorified before our very eyes. Scripture tells us there will come a day when “evil is called good and good is called evil” Isaiah 5:20. Today is that day.

Become informed. Stay on the alert and before God in prayer!  The time has never been more crucial than today to do all that we can to turn America back to God.

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