As I write to you today, it is Friday morning September 8, 2017. The national weather reports are indicating that the states of Florida, Georgia and South Carolina are soon to be hit with the largest, fiercest hurricane in recorded history. The storm is named Irma.

Hurricane Irma is scheduled to come ashore in Florida tonight and tomorrow morning and then move up through the state and on into Georgia and South Carolina and then perhaps into Tennessee. When events such as these happen, Christians are called to fulfill their Christian duty to help in any way they can those who are in need.

It is so easy to disassociate ourselves from the stories and tragic pictures and stories of flooding, horrific winds and loss of life and property unless we are the ones experiencing those things, but regardless of how we view the scenes, they are REAL and TRAGIC.

This morning I contacted a pastor friend in Florida who is directly in the path of Irma. He appreciated the instant message and felt sure God would protect his church and his people. God is indeed our hope.

Will you, as a friend join with me for the next 48 hours in praying once every waking hour for God’s safety and mercy to be upon our fellow Americans, not only who will suffer from Hurricane Irma but also for those who continue to hurt as a result of Hurricane Harvey. Every Christian can do that at the least of things.

Also, I have listed below a few websites that will provide direction for those of us who choose to volunteer to give direct help to the victims. I do hope this helps!

Dr. Richard Lee