Often as I interview some of America’s brightest minds, I will spend plenty of time studying books and websites to gain knowledge about American culture and Christianity. This week I decided to share some of the websites I frequently visit to prepare for writing, speaking or debating important subjects.

Although I will send more in the future, these are enough to keep you abreast of important happenings in our nation. I hope they will be of use to you and you will grow in your knowledge as I seek to grow in mine. This is by no means complete but should form the basis of beginning a good web library.

The Bible is the greatest resource of all. After all, it is the Word of God, the Creator of it all.


As we are a Christian people living in a secular society, it is important that we educate ourselves concerning what is occurring in the body of Christ across America. For good resources visit:

Daily News insiders

Just a few extra below that make interesting reading.

Global Warming

No, there is not a consensus among scientist that Global Warming is a reality. To learn the truth about Global Warming go to:

America’s Universities
The University students of today are the nation’s leaders of tomorrow. For a daily update on what is happening on University campuses across America, go to:


My dear friend and Master of Preaching, the Pastor of the First Baptist Church of Dallas TX, Dr. W. A. Criswell is a joy to hear preach. He is now in Heaven but his sermons live on. A Sermon a day will keep the Devil away.

Why not make it a habit to listen. You can either enjoy it by video or simple audio. It is a tremendous resource.